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If you love the Pacific Northwest as much as I do, you probably feel lucky to live in this place.   Beautiful scenery, wonderful vistas and hidden treasures around every corner in the trail.

My Mission

To commemorate the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest through photography so it can be remembered and shared.

Susan Lannis, Photographer

I love the Pacific Northwest.  I was not born here, but when I picked Portland, OR off the map because the I-84 freeway ended, my soul knew it was coming home.  After more than 30 years here, Mt. Hood can still take my breath away and I am still finding new places to explore on weekly hikes.


It has been my joy to capture local natural wonders.  Every place I have hiked, every bloom that caught my eye, every mountain climbed, stream or river I've crossed, and each beach that reminded me that the ocean is so much bigger than me or any problem I have at the moment.  


My full catalog of Northwest Nature Photography work runs to over 18,000 digital photos and about as many film photos .  Thanks for your interest in my work!


 I hope you truly enjoy it!


Northwest Nature Photography  

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All photographs on this website are the copyrighted property of Susan Lannis, all rights reserved.

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